Reflections and Resolutions

by theashruiz

The last week of December and the first week of January are a couple of my favorite times of the year. The last week of December is filled with reflection, recollection, and recalling the year as we wrap it all up. We remember the good times, bad times, the hard times, and even the times when we thought life was kinda boring, but later realized that we were in a resting season. Many of us humorously reflect on the New Years resolutions we made that lasted until about January 7th. The goal of losing twenty pounds that eventually turned into “for the love of God, I just want to maintain the weight I’m at, instead of gaining any more”. The decision to do the Bible in One Year plan, but made it to Genesis 14 and started skipping around again.

The year is usually filled with a lot of failed goals; but as we reflect on the year, we find that it’s so, so rich in God’s faithfulness. We look back and see the situations where God was working in the intricate details of our circumstances. We reflect of the power of the Holy Spirit when we laid hands on people and they were instantly healed. The confirmations He brought through other people when we were unsure if what we heard in the secret place was really His voice, to remind us that He speaks in so many ways. The vision that He just now gave to the promises He spoke to us years ago, when He says, “Have I not been faithful time and time again?”

The act of remembering is a vital spiritual activity.

-Jim Hennesy

The first week of the year is rather lovely. I find so much delight in the simplicity of others making their goals for the new year. There’s encouragement and determination in the air, as well as way too many hashtags on social media of #newyearnewme. Excitement and nervousness has filled my life in the last month with anticipation of all that’s happening in 2016. I’m moving in three weeks, getting married in October, helping plant a church in a city that I’ve been to once, finally going back to college to finish my degree, and learning how to tackle all the new roles in my life. There’s peace in my spirit towards all of the vision that God has been downloading into Jordan [my fiance] and I– behind the scenes projects and dreams that haven’t yet been revealed to the general public. Promises that we knew that God would fulfill, and particularly believed it would be much later in our lives, lining up to happen a lot sooner than we thought.

As for my goals and resolutions this year, they are concrete in their being, but remain flexible in the manner of how they are to be brought about.

  1. To be more disciplined and intentional. In everything really. From sleep schedules to my walk with God; from consistently writing to not fueling my body with junk food.
  2. Me time. Voluntarily spend more time alone, less time being in the presence of everyone.
  3. Read one book per week, write reviews and post them. I was originally doing this last year, and it was going really well until I met Jordan. Our communication [we’re currently in a long distance relationship] through off a lot of my free time. Worth it.
  4. Spend more time doing and learning what I’m passionate about. Writing more, learning more about missions and youth ministry, spend more time with teenagers, regularly practice my Spanish.
  5. Relearn Guitar. I played a lot when I was younger, then I stopped for about 8 years and forgot all but about four chords.

I’ve put together my small list and wanted to be pretty broad about the spectrum that it covered. My list for 2016 is additional for my everyday list. My everyday list looks a little more like figuring out how people feel loved and doing that, moving closer to God and being synchronized with the Holy Spirit, purging material things I don’t need in my life, finding new ways to save and make money, and learning art and science of adulting.

Today I’m hitting publish with hope and anticipation of a new year, a new journey, and a step into a new season of life.